I found this cool idea on Mrs. Dunn's website, and
thought it would tie in perfectly with our unit on MS.  
Thank you, Mrs. Dunn!  
Mississippi Scavenger
Hunt / Scrapbook
Our class will take part in a Mississippi Scavenger  
Hunt!  The students will collect items and proudly
display them in a scrapbook.

The goal is to collect as many items as possible for
the scrapbook.  Each item will have a degsinated
point value and it is possible to earn up to 200 points!
(This will be a social studies grade.)
Your goal is to try and get
at least 100 points.

Some of these items are easy to find and may even
be found at school.  Other items will require a little
more effort.  The creativity of the scrapbook is
very important, since it is
worth 20 points alone.

Have fun searching our wonderful state!

 (This project will be for 3rd graders only.)    
              5 Points
~ Leaf from state tree
~ Picture of state bird (photo or drawing)
~ Article of MS's population (news or internet)
~ Article about record high or low in MS
~ Logo from a sports team in MS
~ Article about a natural disaster that took place in our
~ Colored drawing or photo of MS state flag
~ Colored drawing or photo of state flower
~ Map of MS
~ Map of Grenada
~ Headings from different MS newspapers
~ List of current state officials (Governor, Lt. Gov., and
Secretary of State)
~ Information about the Mississippi River
~ Information about Grenada Lake
~ Write names of at least 5 MS authors
~ Write a paragraph telling how MS got its name
                   10 Points
~ Something proving you've been to our public library
~ Photo of you in front of the local fire station or fire truck
~ Photo of you in front of Grenada City Hall
~ Photo of you in front of Grenada Post Office
~ Business cards of at least 5 Grenada businesses
~ Photo of you with Grenada Mayor or his autograph
~ Brochure from Grenada Lake
~ Picture of our state capital
~ List and record temperatures of different cities in MS---
~ Show MS's natural resources (list, drawings, or photos)

      Points available from scavenger hunt:  180

      Points available for creativity of scrapbook:  20

      Total possible points:  200
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